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Waste products and prices

Municipal waste

Waste residues from households and retail, service or elsewhere, that are similar in content and characteristics and which are not suitable for reuse or recyclable in any other form. They are relatively harmless for environment (e.g unusable footwear, textile, pottery, diapers, mirrors and light bulbs), however the quantity in the nature is deeply concerning.
Municipal waste has to be sorted already in the place of origin (home for instance). It means out of the municipal waste has to be collected separately the following types of waste:

• packaging waste
• paper and cardboard
• electronical waste
• hazardous waste
• biodegradable waste

Presorted municipal waste has to be placed in a respective waste container. In the sorting station can be handed over upto 200 kg of municipal waste per person. Larger quantities of municipal waste must be delivered to Põlendmaa landfill in Paikuse county.

Price: 93 €/ton
* Price in Põlendmaa landfill.
* Price includes VAT.

Hazardous waste

Hazardous waste: toxic or environmentally dangerous substances and materials, which cause or may cause instant or gradual harm to humans as to environment. Hazardous waste is for instance expired medication, batteries, paints, chemicals, oil filters, luminescence lights, mercury thermometers and asbestos. Hazardous wastes need to be collected separately and prevented mixing with other wastes. Characterizing adjectives for this type of waste are flammable, explosive, irritating, toxic.

Price: FREE for private customer (except asbestos), legal entities please check the price list for hazardous wastes.

Asbestos residues can be handed over for a fee only in Paikre landfill (Põlendmaa, Paikuse county).

Check the regulation and quantity limits of hazardous wastes HERE!

Problematical items

Product of concern – residues of products, which cause or may cause health or environmental hazards or excessive pollution of the environment.
Products of concern are batteries, motor vehicles and their parts, electric and electronic devices and their parts, tires and agricultural plastic.

Price: batteries and accumulators FREE OF CHARGE
Hind: tires (car), 360,00 €/ton
Hind: tires (tractor) 420,00 €/ton
Hind: agricultural plastic (silage net): 75,60 €/ton

* Prices include VAT.

Large scale waste

Large scale wastes are old (office) furniture, for instance cupboard, table, couch, chair, carpet, mattress etc. Usable and items in good condition can be offered also to second-hand stores. Large scale waste delivered to Paikre is sent to the landfill.

Price: 93,00 €/ton
* Price in Põlendmaa landfill.
* Price includes VAT.

Paper and cardboard

Paper and cardboard waste: paper and cardboard wastes used as packages or newspapers, journals, catalogues, books, notebooks, drawing papers, boxes, envelopes, cardboard egg boxes. Clean and dry paper waste has to be delivered to the nearest paper and cardboard container.

Price: clean and dry paper and cardboard waste is FREE OF CHARGE.
Paikre buys paper: 12,00 €/ton
Paikre buys cardboard: 36,00 €/ton
Minimum purchase quantity is 50kg.

* Prices are valid in Põlendmaa landfill.
* Prices include VAT.

Electronic waste

Electronic waste – all kind of wastes consuming electricity, e.g washing machine, boiler, TV, iron, toaster, kettle, coffee machine, refrigerator, vacuum cleaner, computer, printer, shaver, microwave oven, electric stove etc. Unusable electronic devices can be delivered to Paikre sorting station or landfill FOR FREE.

Price: complete electronic waste FREE OF CHARGE
Price: incomplete refrigerators – 11,20 €/piece
Price: incomplete TVs and monitors – 0,08 €/kg

* Prices include VAT.

Packaging waste

Product made of what ever material, which is used for storing, protecting, handling, delivering and presenting of raw material and merchandise during the whole cycle from the producer to the consumer.

Packaging wastes divide into two groups:
1) Deposit-refund packaging waste: all packages that are marked with deposit-refund sign and can be refunded in the tare exchange station;
2) Other packaging wastes: glass jars, glass bottles, boxes, juice and milk packs, tin cans etc. Clean, dry and empty packages must be delivered to the nearest package container.

Price: clean and dry packaging wastes are FREE OF CHARGE
Other wastes containing packaging wastes: 74,4 €/ton

* Price is valid in Põlendmaa landfill.
* Price includes VAT.

Biodegradable waste

All wastes that are capable of undergoing anaerobic or aerobic decomposition. Such as food waste, leaves, branches, lawn, impregnated and uncolored wood, sawdust and bark.

Price: garden and park waste 36,00 €/ton

Hind: food and kitchen waste 74,40 €/ton

* Price is valid in Põlendmaa landfill.
* Prices include VAT.

Free handover

Disposal of wastes can be cheap, in some cases even free of charge. Sorting station on Raba street and Põlendmaa landfill accept the following waste material for free:

  • Clean and dry packaging waste (e.g paper/cardboard, glass, plastic, metal, tetra)
  • Clean and dry paper and cardboard
  • Complete electronic products (e.g home appliances, big and small electronics)
  • Hazardous waste (e.g batteries, paints, medication, mercury lamps; excluding asbestos)
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