What time are you open?

Pärnu city, Raba 39 sorting station is open M-F 8.00-18.00; Sat 10.00-14.00; Sun 10.00-12.00
Paikuse, Põlendmaa landfill is open M-F 7.00-19.00; Sat 8.00-18.00; Sun 13.00-16.00

Where and at what cost can I bring my old TV and fridge?

Complex electronics (e.g. fridge, television, washing machine, stove) and small electric appliances
(e.g. microwave oven, electric kettle, vacuum cleaner, clothes iron) can be delivered to Paikre
sorting station or landfill for FREE.

What to do with old mattresses and furniture?

Mattresses, furniture, clothing that is unusable can be delivered to Paikre’s landfill, with a price of 93,00 eur/ton.

Where can I bring empty paint cans?

Paint cans are a hazardous waste like old batteries,luminescence lights, mercury thermometers and medication
They need to be taken to Paikre’s sorting station or landfill. Free of charge for citizens.

Where can I bring construction waste?

Construction and demolition debris in large quantities can be brought to Paikre’s landfill at 78.12 EUR/ton.
Smaller quantities can be brought to Raba’s sorting station at 106.10 EUR/ton

Where can I bring branches, leaves, grass and food waste?

Biodegradable waste should not be put in municipal waste containers. Biodegradable waste can be brought to
Paikre’s sorting station and landfill which will be sent to composting.

Biolagunevate jäätmete vastuvõtt:
– garden and park waste at Paikre’s landfill with a price of 36,00 EUR/ton.
– garden and park waste at  Paikre’s sortingstation with a price of 48,00 EUR/ton.

– food and kitchen waste at Paikre’s landfill with a price of 74,40 EUR/ton.

Where can I bring eternit collected from old roofs?

Old eternit, also known as asbestos, is a hazardous waste and should be brought to Paikre’s landfill at 81,00 EUR/t0n.

Do you accept old tires?

Yes, old tires are priced. Car and bicycle priced 360,00 €/ton, truck and tractor tires 420,00 €/ton

Do you accept window glass?

Window glass can be brought to Paikre’s landfill and sorting station. NB! This does not include mirrors and car glass.