Agricultural plastic

It is easy and troublefree to get rid of the agricultural plastic and agricultural plastic waste. OÜ Paikre organizes the collection and environmentally safe treatment of the agricultural plastic.
The material is directed into reuse in maximum quantity.

Order a free service or call the customer service 44 55 767.
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Constructional waste

Waste from the construction, demolishing and refurbishing activities must be delivered to the waste management center for a proper treatment. It is possible to order a constructional waste container on the web page or deliver the waste to a suitable waste station yourself.

Hazardous waste

Hazardous waste pollutes and endangers the environment and is a big risk to our health due to being combustible, explosive and highly toxic.

Whether it’s paint, chemicals, medication, polluted soil or other waste – Paikre can help collect and utilize hazardous waste.

Customer Service

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Below you can find information and directions for ordering different services and fees, as well as helpful material for questions that might arise. Do not hesitate to contact us on the information line if needed.

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