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Paikre information line 44 55 760 answers calls Mon-Fri 8.00-16.30. Contact us
Questions and inquiries are kindly expected on email or reach us via the contact form.  Please send your emails on

Below you can find information and directions for ordering different services and fees, as well as helpful material for questions that might arise. Do not hesitate to contact us on the information line if needed.

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Sorting station

Raba 39, Pärnu
Pärnu county 80041

Mon-Fri 8.00 - 17.45
Sat 10.00 - 13.45

44 55 750

Weighing unit
44 55 752

OÜ Paikre owns a waste licence nr.L.JÄ/329000 (termless) for receiving and handling wastes.
OÜ Paikre owns a handling licence for receiving hazardous wastes, nr 0462 (termless)


Põlendmaa, Pärnu city,
Pärnu county 86603

Mon-Fri 8.00 - 17.45
Sat 9.00 - 16.45

44 55 760

Weighing unit
44 55 762

Environmental complex licence KKL/317465 (termless)
OÜ Paikre owns a handling licence for receiving hazardous waste, nr 0462 (termless)

Nearest waste treatment station

Find the nearest waste treatment station! shares information, where to take different types of waste.